plowbot, a jabber bot that downloads links from 1-click hosters

I wrote a jabber bot that does just one thing: it uses plowshare to download what you paste. It is quite minimalist and thus does not offer queue management features nor advanced captcha solving possibilities, so you should not try to use it on links plowshare can't break automatically (basically those that use recaptcha), otherwise it will eventually freeze. I used python-jabberbot, and to maximize the simplicity I store the user configuration in json in an xdg fashion (which happened to be both user-friendly -probably - and easy to write - certainly). If you want to fork it and add whatever you find useful, it's on github:

I am personally quite satisfied with it (it fits my limited usage for this kind of service), but I am open to pull requests. Of course, I also made an AUR package for arch users, which adds an rc script for starting it at boot as your prefered user.

Comments !