Releasing Michel, a flat-text-file-to-google-tasks uploader

When it comes to handling my todo list, I'm a huge fan of flat text files. The main reason why I prefer them over anything else is that I find it far easier to display it with notification popups this way.

I also heavily rely on gmail to organise myself. When I am reading emails and organizing my life, it feels natural to use gtasks to take notes for later.

Since I both use text files and gtasks, I was missing was a way to sync them together. Unfortunately, for a long time, google made us wait for a gtask API. But no more! I discovered at the beginning of the week that they had announced a brand new RESTful interface.

I decided to give it a go and I have written a small program that suit my needs to help me handle my todo list text file. So here comes Michel, your friendly mate that helps you managing your todo list. It features two commands

michel pull
michel push <file>

which respectively push and pull taks in a text fashion.

The code is on github. Just like any python package, you should be able to install it using easy_install (provided you install pyxdg with your standard package manager, since it does not seem to be installable from easy_install).

easy_install michel

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